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I have been using your toothpaste for about 4 months. As long as I can remember, my teeth have been very sensitive to cold, especially on the right side. Now I don't notice that at all, and I am not sure when exactly it stopped. I was really surprised and happy when I finally realized it. My question: what in the toothpaste stops the sensitivity?  Also, my last checkup was really good! E. THOMAS

That is great news! Nurture Me Natural Mint Mint Toothpaste contains some wonderful ingredients. Those great results are mostly due to the organic virgin coconut oil, which creates a healthier oral environment, keeps gums and and teeth healthy, reducing sensitivity. The Tea Tree Oil and pure baking soda play a big part as well. Of course the benefits can differ with each person/user, but over all, the blend of beneficial ingredents all play a part in creating a healthier oral environment. I am glad to hear that it is improving your oral health. 

Thank you - Best wishes.

Hi, can you recommend which of your products to use to help with psoriasis? Thanks - Mendy H

Hi Mendy, I love when I am asked that question, and I thank you for asking. I highly recommend the Foaming Body Wash and the Miracle Moisture Skin Repair. The Skin Repair was created for this type of skin issue, and it is well known for it's relief of such. What many miss is how critical it is for troubled skin, to use a nourishing, healing, non-irritating, and chemical-free cleanser for the body. So with that, pairing our African Black Soap Foaming Body Wash with the Miracle Moisture Skin Repair is such a successful combination. In fact, when a commercial body wash is used, most likely it is impairing somewhat, the benefits of the great ingredients in the "good stuff," if you will. Using our nourshing Foaming Body Wash just starts the tone out right each day for clearer, more comfortable skin. Nurture Me Natural products work synergistically together by design, and customers really see the difference when they skin the commercial stuff. Thank you again for the question, and don't hesitate to post or message additional questions and feedback. We appreciate it. MJ Sanders, Founder & CEO

 I love your Bug Be Gone. Is it okay to use on children and animals?

Hi! Yes it is safe for both. As always with essential oils on small children and animals, it is recommended as listed on the directions on the bottle, to always test by putting a small amount on an arm with your finger to check for sensitivity before applying completely. Be sure to read the directions for application on the back, and enjoy having more fun outdoors. Thank you for the feedback and the questions. 
MJ Sanders, Founder & CEO

Products to help fade dark spots from acne?

Our Vitamin C Serum is made to gradually and effectively fade hyperpigmentation on the face. Be sure to pair it with one of our nourishing face washes and Rose Hydrate or Rose Balance face moisturizers.

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