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Healthy Hand Washing. Why natural-based soap?

Proper, consistent and frequent hand washing is critical to fighting off all kinds of nasty health threats. Given the heightened concerns over viruses, flu and other highly contagious illnesses, many customers and friends have asked my opinion on anti-bacterial soaps and soap products.

As always, I strongly recommend naturally derived cleansers. Not only are they just as effective as their chemical laden counterparts, natural cleansers are much gentler, beneficial, safer and do not cause health issues. Studies show popular anti-bacterial chemicals such as Triclosan and Triclocarban have negative effects on hormones and can degrade into carcinogenic matter, which is dangerous for the environment.

When we formulated our natural foaming hand soap, we chose pure African Black Soap, Tea Tree Oil, and other high-quality ingredients to combat germs and bacteria while maintaining healthy skin through many hand washes. The concentrated liquid pumps out into a rich foam. Best of all, your skin will be thoroughly clean and nourished without compromising health or quality.

We wish you, your family and loved ones a safe and healthy spring.

Team NMN

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