Healthy Mouth Set

What’s in Your toothpaste?



The mouth is one of the most absorbent areas of the body. Average commercial toothpastes contain questionable, dangerous, and toxic ingredients such as Triclosan, Sodium L Sulfate, artificial sweeteners, fluoride, DEA, Propylene Glycol, and microbeads.



  • Triclosan has been linked to antibiotic resistance and endocrine disruptions. Hormone disruption has been shown to cause many health problems in boys and girls
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is shown to release carcinogenic compounds, having toxic affects
  • Artificial sweeteners can break down into formaldehyde type substance that can damage tissues
  • Fluoride is a toxic chemical that wreaks havoc in the body over time. It is responsible for endocrine and neurological dysfunction, and a wealth of other health issues
  • DEA – linked to many types of cancers
  • Microbeads – dangerous to the environment, and marine life, and can be lodged under and around gums, allowing food and bacteria to be trapped


Commercial mouthwashes can dry out the mouth. Nurture Me Natural Tea Tree Mint Mouthwash is formulated with healthy Aloe Vera, a natural anti-inflammatory which moisturizes and soothes oral tissue.


  • Proper moisture in the mouth reduces the occurrence of many oral issues that can occur from dehydration 
  • Witch Hazel, and Tea Tree act as mild disinfectants with NO fluoride, alcohol or dangerous chemicals 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide address germs and bacteria for a clean mouth and fresh breath. Also helps heal and keep gum tissue healthy


    Healthy Mouth Set

    SKU: HMS02

    The feeling of freshly polished teeth every day!


    Natural Mint Coconut Oil Toothpaste

    Hand-crafted with specific ingredients that inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevent tartar build-up, gently and safely polish, leaving teeth, gums and tongue in a cleaner, healthier environment.


    Brush thoroughly after each meal or at least twice a day as directed by dentist or oral health professional. Rinse w/Nurture Me Natural Tea Tree Mint Mouthwash. 

    4 oz. Jar with scoop 

    *Toothbrush not included*


    Natural Tea Tree Mint Mouth Wash

    • Healthy, non-alcohol ingredients kill germs 
    • Helps remove stains on teeth
    • Freshens breath


    Rinse with Nurture Me Natural Tea Tree Mint Mouthwash after brushing, and throughout the day to freshen and kill germs. 

    13 oz. Flip-cap Bottle




    1. Store in a dry, room temperature environment, and limit exposure to extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time, as this can alter product consistency and texture (Coconut Oil has a melting point of 76 degrees). If this should happen, stir it a bit, place in refrigerator and allow to solidify. Then continue to store in a dry, cool location. 
    2. For best quality and potency we recommend using Nurture Me Natural Coconut Oil Toothpaste and Tea Tree Mint Mouthwash within 6 months of opening. 


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