Lavender Tea Tree Foot Cream

Unparalleled conditioning for feet!


  • Packed with nourishing butters, and moisturizers that make feet feel soft, silky and healthy all day.
  • Soothing, healing emollients, plant extracts, and essential oils relieve dehydrated, sore and tired feet.
  • Therapeutic Arnica Essential Oil is a natural pain reliever, helps boost circulation and aids in healing skin.
  • Tea Tree and Lavender deliver anti bacterial properties while Aloe Vera adds pure hydration to dry, cracked feet.
  • Increase circulation. 
  • Reduce odor and bacteria.
  • Arnica Oil and Magnesium absorb into skin to relieve soreness.



For best results, and consistently healthy feet, try Nuture Me Natural Magnesium Foot Scrub. 

    Lavender Tea Tree Foot Cream

    SKU: HFC08


    • Apply generously daily and after shower, bath, or foot soak, massaging into into entire foot, ankle and leg area.

    • At night, apply right before getting into bed

    8 oz. Jar




    1. Store in a dry, cool room temperature environment and limit exposure to extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time, as this can alter product consistency and texture.
    2. Nuture Me Natural Lavender Tee Tree Foot Cream has a hgh Coconut Oil content. Coconut Oil has a melting point of 76 degrees. If product should happen to melt, stir it a bit, place in refrigerator, allow to solidify, stir again, and then continue to store in a dry, cool location.
    3. For best quality and potency, we recommend using Nurture Me Natural Lavender Tea Tree Foot Cream within one year of opening.