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No sulfates, harsh or drying ingredients!

Cleans dirt and germs gently and thoroughly with African Black Soap and our disinfecting essential oil blend. Nourishing moisturizers create the perfect balance of clean and moisturized hands. Pairs perfectly with Nurture Me Natural Hand & Body Creams and Butters.


We choose pure African Black Soap from Ghana because of it's purity, and authentic ingredients, such as Plantain, Shea Tree Bark, Cocoa Pods, and Palm Tree Leaves. We create a special blend of pure Aloe Vera, beneficial plant extracts and botanticals, then craft the final product into a lightweight liquid that pumps out into a rich foam.


Black soap gently cleans without harmful chemicals, SLS or other irritating additives. Plantain extract gives Black Soap it's natural bacteria-fighting properties. This makes it very beneficial in helping with acne breakouts and problem skin.  Studies show Black Soap helps reduce discomfort of eczema, rashes,  psoriasis, rosacea, discoloration, and general irritation.


*Black soap naturally has a high glycerin (natural plant moisturizer) content, so if you are allergic to glycerin, please  speak to your dermatologist before trying any African Black Soap product.

Natural Foaming Hand Soap

  • Ingredients: Pure African Black Soap, Aloe Vera, purified water, Saponified Coconut Oil (Coconut oil-based cleanser), Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, organic Honey, Witch Hazel, organic Tea Tree Oil, NMN Essential Oil Blend, natural preservative free of parabens and formaldehyde.

    8 oz.

    1. Do not expose to extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time, as this can alter product consistency and ingredient integrity.
    2. We use a high-quality preservative derived from natural sources, paraben-free and formaldehyde-free. For best quality and potency, we recommend using our Foaming Hand Soap within one year of purchase.