Pineapple Enzyme Mask

Great alternative to harsh or chemical enzyme peels.



  • Rich in Ascorbic Acid, and mild AHA's 
  • Fades scars and brightens skin
  • Natural protein enzyme, Bromelain exfoliates, brightens, and gently removes dead surface skin cells
  • suitable and gentle enough to use everyday




Made fresh when you order it.

Pineapple Enzyme Mask



  • For Normal to Oily: unclogs pores preventing sebum, bacteria, and dirt build-up, thus reducing occurrence and severity of breakouts. Helps lighten hyperpigmentation left from blemishes 


  • For Normal, Dry, Mature: Vitamin C supports cell turnover and rejuvenation resulting in fresher, softer, more youthful looking skin 


  1. Apply to clean skin, leaving on 10-15 minutes, twice a week.
  2. Can be used safely multiple times per week
  3. Suggested to remove from refrigerator about 30 minutes beforehand, letting product get closer to room temperature before applying
  4. For breakout prone skin, apply directly to breakouts or blemishes to reduce severity and clear up breakouts quickly.
  5. Every face is different - you can apply Pineapple Enzyme Mask as much as you desire, according to how comfortable your skin is with the mask.
  6. Tingling is normal and part of the revitalizing process as the enzymes exfoliate and remove dull, dead skin cells. Gauge length of time according to your comfort level.
  7. Pineapple Enzyme Mask will remain fresh approximately 4-6 weeks when stored in the refrigerator

2 oz. Jar | Refrigerate when not in use.