REM Sleep Spray/Linen & Pillow Mist

Therapeutic grade essential oils proven to provide assistance for deep restorative sleep. 


Clinical research shows getting adequate rest helps control and reduce Cortisol levels, Cortisol is the dreaded stress hormone.


  • Made with precious Blue Tansy Essential Oil, whose aroma helps ease tension and stress
  • Our Sleep Spray essential oil blend has over 15 natural ingredients that relax, reduce stress and anxiety, helping you to get into the beneficial R.E.M. stage of sleep that improves health and sense of well-being 
  • This remarkable blend contains no Melatonin or addictive ingredients. No alcohol, drying, irritating or harmful ingredients - just a hand-selected blend of the best therapeutic essential oils to help soothe senses, reduce the feeling of anxiety and promote a feeling of relaxation and well-being

REM Sleep Spray/Linen & Pillow Mist


Spray onto pillows and linens just before getting into bed for the night or whenever you want to smell the wonderful aroma of the anxiety-reducing essential oil blend.


Also can be used with water in essential oil diffusers. 

4 oz. Spray Bottle




  1. For best quality and potency, we recommend using Nurture Me Natural REM Sleep Spray within one year of opening.


Keep out of reach of children.


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