Shea & Aloe Shave Butter

Shave Butter/Cream/Soap all-in One!



  • Our Shea & Aloe Shave Butter prepares skin and hair for a close comfortable shave
  • Organic essential oils such as Lemongrass and Tea Tree have natural astringent and antibacterial properties that help keep pores clear
  • Gentle sulfate-free cleansers make washing after shaving unnecessary
  • Perfect for shaving underarms
  • Helps the razor "slip" easily, and leaves skin soft and conditioned


Shea & Aloe Shave Butter


Softens and prepares all hair types for a close comfortable shave.


  • Conditioning ingredients absorb into skin and follicle, making subsequent shaves easier, and improving skins condition
  • Organic Tea Tree and Lavender Oils address bacteria and reduce bumping

Just before shaving, massage a generous amount into skin - leave on a moment or two to let penetrate and soften before shaving.

Shave in direction of hair growth.

4 oz. Flip-Cap Bottle



For best quality and potency we recommend using Nurture Me Natural Shea & Aloe Shave Butter within one year of opening.